A quick look at things that are getting repeated again and again.
Thinking about vacancy left by losing religion.
Exploring why everything is just so dang boring.
A meditation on why we need to rethink the scale of conversation.
A look at how bro culture is *the* culture and how to make community.
A live report from *the* festival that says so much about the state of things.
A link-up look at the past week, because it was a busy on!
A quick recap of trends big and small, with a focus on memes.
So much is happening about Americans being a bit of a mess. What does that say about us, as a people and a country?
Looking at burnout and dreams, and why these things sustain us right now.
With too much going on, we dive into a few short-long current trends of note.
When bad things happen, Americans make it about them. But does this help anyone?