Exploring the misdirected idea of children and an app that's the new Twitter.
Exploring why stains are the coolest accessory of the moment, and trying to figure out the bizarre silence regarding trans rights.
Why TikTok is great and why TikTok is ruining non-TikTok things, like music and Drag Race.

February 2023

Inspecting the ceiling of content and why we need to work with AI.
Theorizing the return of boomer hate – and what it has to do with friendships.
A look at a few things that seem to say "log off" and a temperature check of this platform.
Examining the rise of pop culture accounts and thinking about ~life~

January 2023

Putting a death date on productivity and thinking about the "Gotcha!" economy.
Examining what The Menu says about popularizing professions and a book you def should be reading.
How a style of building represents the fall of cities and why humiliation is *the* thing right now.
A few ideas of where things are going to go this year.
A look at our new puritans and the meaning of the word "museum."