The Trend Report™ is a weekly newsletter that is part essay, part culture analysis, and part whatever the universe offers us. If you’re looking for a recap of current events and opinions, The Trend Report™ is for you 🌱

Who writes The Trend Report™?

Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick! He’s a queer, biracial writer based in Barcelona, Spain and Los Angeles, California.

He has written for various outlets, from Playboy to PBS, and once edited and wrote the art and culture website Los Angeles, I’m Yours. His day job is on the Internet: if you want to work with him, peep his portfolio for a better idea of his work and send an email here.

He has a drafted novel that is ready for a publisher and is a 2022 Lambda Literary Fellow. You can find a selection of his writings here and can give a tip here.

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i write The Trend Report™ newsletter about online/offline culture 🌱