IG Struggles With Losing ‘Pipeline’: Young Users Here’s the thing: so many companies – tech or not – are thirsty for young, Gen Z users. To me, this is less about monopolizing their time and more about greed. This is obvious but, like, this is the biggest app in the fucking worl…
Attempting to figure out why a recent rash of reboots, sequels, and prequels feels particularly tired.
Horrifying Facts From Facebook Whistleblower Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Are All Down Zuckerberg's Wealth Dips Amid Outage "No news publisher has …
On why feeling really down or really happy seems to be the default right now (but, ultimately, both feelings are not-great).
Reflecting on the collective Millennial realization that, uhh, wow: *we* are the old ones in the room now.
Why boredom is the aesthetic, the lifestyle, of the moment.
Nearing the grim end of the unhappy worker trend along with a trend round-up that all ladders back to fluidity and rethinking society.
Drawing a map from fatigued workers to cancel culture to resort horror to heavenly music videos, in an attempt to see where our head's at now.
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