The Trend Report™: Link Up

This week’s Trend Report™ is just a round up of links, as time was scarce this week. See you next weekend, for more deep thoughts!

Gun Buying Spiked During Pandemic, Still Up
”I wonder how many people that I know own a gun?”: That’s what I thought while reading this story.

America Has a Drinking Problem
Drinking is fun but drinking is also like smoking: to be done moderately, or if at all. This is quite a story, which traces America’s centuries long drinking problem, coming to a very obvious conclusion: rethink drinking, drink with food and friends, and never drink alone.

Trump blog page shuts down
Washed up blogger ass loser.

Texas GOP Want to Make Trump’s Coup Legal

"Trump supporter thinks opts out of taxes"
Surely this will end well.

Amazon will automatically share your Internet
I have long deleted my Amazon anything and I am unsure why people continue to use Amazon and their products, when they do shit like this so openly. Just say no!

Etsy targets Gen Z with Depop acquisition
We all knew this was going to happen, didn’t we?

Orphaned by Covid, Two Teens Find Their Way
A great human interest story that highlights one of the many altered lives by Covid.

Fans’ Bad Behavior Isn’t New.
Woman PunchesFlight Attendant
Keeping an eye on the trend of Post-Quarantine Americans Forgetting How To Behave In Public.

Commencement Speeches Without the Word C*vid

"high school refused to give diploma"
Because the students was wearing a Mexican flag, to celebrate his culture. That’s racism, baby!

"Paxton Smith...talked about abortion rights."
Another wild viral graduation item from this week.

What About Ellie Kemper & Racism?
This was the story of the week, in case you missed it. One of the most fascinating, weird, gross stories of whiteness that says so much about American culture and power. Just wait until you hear the one about the family of Kate & Rooney Mara!

Make The World Better With Nine Ideas
As we start heading out into the world, take these ideas to heart – and see how you can improve your surroundings. I would love to get into the Buy Nothing Project! (Also: this was a part of the Times’ final At Home section, which was a great salve in the past year.)

The internet is flat.
I have been saying repeatedly for months, if not years, that time doesn’t exist on the Internet. This story captures that idea. (Related, and maybe better: this TikTok about the history of no-kink-at-pride discourse.)

15% of museums at significant risk
Some good news! However, museums were claiming that a third would close permanently because of “all this.” The learning here is: wow, museum people are dramatic.

People want to rail Samsung’s AI mascot
You wild, Internet. You wild! (And horny.)

Creator of MerMay’s animated revolution
An interesting story that very accurately reveals how creatives of all kinds are squeezed of their ideas by Hollywood corporations, only to see nothing in return. This also portends an accurate future for companies like Disney.

Pride Said Gay Cops Aren’t Welcome
What’s interesting about this story is the ties to corporate Pride, how Citibank can be welcome while trans persons do not have rights on the job. Hmm.

Cops Don’t Belong at Pride
So this Roxane Gay story trended for two reasons, from two angles: first, that it’s an “Amen!” sort of assessment, that no cops should be at pride; but, two, there was a very obvious antithesis hidden within, where Gay asserts cops should be at Pride, but “unarmed and in civilian clothing.” Uh. Okay? (Also: calling someone stupid for pointing this out is really not the look.)

"The 2021 Pride collection from Target?"
I’ve stopped tracking this but so many dunks on corporate pride efforts this year. I love them all!

Jam City on Producing Olivia Rodrigo
This is wild! I never would have guessed the person behind Classical Curves would ever have a major pop moment. Good for him! Good for Olivia!

"the do it yourself issue"
God save the queen.

"the fashion industry is SO performative"
Is anyone surprised? Not I. This is true of so many industries too. (Hello, Hollywood!)

"warm weather in London at the Sky Pool"
"5 mins from the estate I grew up on in"
No, from a literal optics perspective, and, no, from a community perspective.

Don’t Eat Cicadas if Allergic to Seafood

"Going to your other friends for ‘fun’”
A great thought about friendships confused for free guidance counseling.

"I think it’s time we get her origin story."
"Where’s HER gritty spinoff"
"he killed cruella’s parents"
"we are going to beat you to death"
"Cruella’s mother’s death"
If Cruella was good for anything, it was good for memes.

"@NonameBooks   got from an incarcerated member"
Less silly and more ((heartwarming)).

"17 people sent me this & 17 of them were right"
“Yo tenemos a Mecha Jesus Cristo.”

I had not seen this Connor O’Malley video until I read this story and I am obsessed. It is perfect, like all of Connor’s wild videos and characters. (For the unfamiliar, meet Connor.)

"German’s such an aggressive language"
I………….what a language.

"Murder or Suicide?"
Very interesting urban legend garbage via Tumblr.

"Not even mad at the stylist"
Bless the stylist.

"during pride we say “maricón”"
Been laughing at this all week.

“wiggle melons”
How octopus were made.

"I still laugh so hard whenever I see it"
This really is how twinks look!

"y'all know where"
A peek in my brain (literally).

“corporations this month”
This trended for good reason!

And, finally, me @ corporations.