love some of them

haven’t heard of others


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“Look at all your newsletters! Many are full of unique ideas and unique takes, but so many are doing what I’m doing...”

any examples??

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EXCELLENT question – and here are a few of my faves!! (a lot of which are...maybe well known but still)

for digital lifestyle thangs https://stephaniemcneal.substack.com/

for social media stuff https://embedded.substack.com/

for internet / tech culture https://www.garbageday.email/

for pop culture culture https://hunterharris.substack.com/

for lifestyle ("lifestyle") https://haleynahman.substack.com/

for tech / culture intersection https://maxread.substack.com/

for alt fashion vibes https://www.blackbirdspyplane.com/

for electronic music, I https://futurismrestated.substack.com/

for electronic music, II https://firstfloor.substack.com/

lots more but those are the ones that come to mind first!! a curation of curators!!!!!!

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